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Redesign project
meetings: fast, self
organised, committed.

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Meetings are a crucial part of implementing a project but most teams find they take too long, are unproductive and bring their energy down. Time to redesign meetings for the 21st century.

“I’ve been telling everyone about LoMo – it addresses so many important problems in meetings”

“LoMo has completely changed the pace of our projects, injecting speed and ownership”

“LoMos are the only meetings our engineers want to go to”

The LoMo ecosystem of meetings makes it safe and obvious how to work together as a fast, agile team.

  • Simple, intuitive techniques to help people discuss and decide things efficiently

  • Be more productive back at their desk

  • A set of ‘meetings’ that take the strain of project communication

Slideshare: change your meetings, change your culture?

Find out how changing your meetings can unlock the powerful fast, agile culture you’re looking for.

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EVENT: Discover LoMo: high trust, fast, self-organising meetings

14th September | 10-1pm | London

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Who’s driving LoMo today?

Carrie Bedingfield

Carrie is the founder of organisational culture and communication consultancy, Onefish Twofish, and the developer of Clean Communication – speaking more honestly and using everyone’s insights more powerfully. She’s currently completing a PhD at Cambridge University, researching the systems in which meetings sit within organisation and the principles which underpin LoMo.

Tim Higgins

Tim is one of a handful of Holacracy Facilitators in the UK, a lover of straightforward things that make work obviously better and fairer and a loather of ‘new things for the sake of something new’. He has been a director of Unboxed Consulting for nearly a decade – one of the best agile digital product development companies in London.

Martyn Evans

One of 50th Generation’s most experienced coaches and notable product designer in his own right, Martyn is a thoughtful and thorough meeting redesigner and facilitator.

In every meeting, LoMo signposts the following meeting behaviours. For as long as you are in the meeting, you are agreeing to honour these.

Trust People

Harness the
power of time

Make it safe to speak up

Law of two feet

Get your personal needs met outside the meeting

Let the process do the work

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