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The LoMo

LoMo isn’t just a slightly more efficient way
of doing ‘normal’ meetings like
always writing an agenda.
It’s a fundamental shift in thinking.

If you are trying to shift to a no-blame, energised, empowered culture, changing the way your meetings are structured is a powerful way to show people new ways to work.

We believe

  • in general, people do their best to do a good job
  • everyone makes the best choices they can from the choices they perceive to be available at that time
  • making more visible, earlier helps everyone contribute more and make better decisions
  • it’s valuable to see how other people see the world – the insights they see that others can’t
  • empowerment means individuals take more responsibility, not less
  • the ‘human sensing machine’ is powerful and our feeling and frustrations provide valuable data
  • the people closest to the work should contribute most to decisions about the work

In every meeting, LoMo signposts the following meeting behaviours. For as long as you are in the meeting, you are agreeing to honour these.

Trust People

Harness the
power of time

Make it safe to speak up

Law of two feet

Get your personal needs met outside the meeting

Let the process do the work