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Designing Better Meetings study

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A reminder of how to participate

  1. Choose one or more of the eight behaviours in the model to improve meetings related to projects before the end of November. Pick what you think will help you most and use it in whatever way suits you best.

  2. Use the PowerPoint planner as a prompt and to log what you did and how it went.

  3. After each meeting, you can send the short online questionnaire to participants, as often as is helpful

  4. If you need help at any point or to talk through the models, just book a call with Carrie

  5. You have until the end of November to test what you have learned/designed over a minimum of three project meetings (they can be across different projects).

  6. Report back – at the end of November we’ll invite you to a 30 minute online interview to find out about your experiences.

Information and links

You can find out more about the project here.