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Trial models and tools for
better meetings: join
Cambridge University study

You are invited to test the models and insights emerging from Carrie Bedingfield’s PhD research at Cambridge University Engineering Department. Choose and trial ideas to run faster, more effective and energising meetings. Find out more below and register to join the study.

What outcomes can you expect for your team?

Join this research programme to gain:

  • A clear understanding of the role meetings play in your team or function, highlighting where the system works well, where progress or information gets blocked, where time is wasted and where there are gaps in communication.
  • Direction on how your meetings can drive the culture you want.
  • Help with designing a faster, more effective system of meetings for your workflow with the people who attend those meetings.

What’s involved?

Taking part is easy and requires a relatively little time and effort – you can pick the insights and models that you think will help you most and use them in whatever way suits you best. You’ll report back on what you used (however much or little) and how it went. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up. First, sign up to join the study.
  2. Give consent. Read the Participant Information and complete the consent process. Now you’re all set to start using the models.
  3. Get briefed. Read the guide to the models and/or watch the briefing video
  4. Test. You have until the end of November to try out some of the insights and ideas arising from the models.
  5. Report back. At the end of your testing process, we’ll invite you to a 30-minute online interview to find out about your experiences.

That’s it!

Information and links

You can find out more about the project here and access documents and forms.