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The people and thinking
behind LoMo

LoMo comes from the people and thinking
behind the 50th Generation accelerator.
Meetings no longer serve 21st century
organisations. We decided to redesign them.

Over the last 5 years, Carrie Bedingfield, Richard Stobart, Tim Higgins, Harry Hellyer and Martyn Evans have worked
directly over a hundred start up teams in the UK, Europe and Africa and a dozen corporates trying to work faster and
generate new revenue streams.

What they all experienced was too much time eaten up by meetings AND YET progress often blocked by lack of clarity.

“We’re spending a huge amount of time in meetings but we’re still not getting clear on what we are trying to do and
who is doing what – nor are we quickly using the buckets of learning and insights that each project team member
acquires as they ‘do the work’. We kick projects off and then have a tonne of long, unproductive meetings.”

Time to create a new way!

LoMo was inspired by our interest in and experience of:

  • Agile
  • Lean Start Up
  • Clean Communication
  • Holacracy
  • Teal organisations
  • Systems design

Who’s driving LoMo today?

Carrie Bedingfield

Carrie is the founder of organisational culture and communication consultancy, Onefish Twofish, long term friend and relation of Unboxed and the developer of Clean Communication – speaking more honestly and using everyone’s insights more powerfully. She’s currently completing a PhD at Cambridge University, researching the systems in which meetings sit within organisation and the principles which underpin LoMo.

Tim Higgins

Tim is one of a handful of Holacracy Facilitators in the UK, a lover of straightforward things that make work obviously better and fairer and a loather of ‘new things for the sake of something new’. He has been a director of Unboxed Consulting for nearly a decade – one of the best agile digital product development companies in London.

Martyn Evans

One of 50th Generation’s most experienced coaches and notable product designer in his own right at Unboxed, Martyn is a thoughtful and thorough meeting redesigner and facilitator.