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Redesign meetings:
fast, productive, clear,

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Meetings are a crucial part of implementing a project but most teams find they take too long, are unproductive and bring their energy down. Time to redesign meetings for the 21st century.

The LoMo ecosystem of meetings makes it safe and obvious how to work together as a fast, agile team.

“Enough structure to create flow” – Tom McCallum

  • Simple intuitive techniques to help people discuss and decide things efficiently

  • Structured meeting time that gets everyone totally clear and back to their desk faster

  • A set of light meeting structures, designed to take the strain of project communication

Slideshare: change your meetings, change your culture?

Find out how changing your meetings can unlock the powerful fast, agile culture you’re looking for.

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Learn to create fast, high trust meetings and leave ready to implement a meeting you have redesigned.

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Hello LoMo: say goodbye to frustrating, pointless meetings.

I find meetings uplift me and are a valuable use of my time

– Said no one ever

LoMo techniques quickly and efficiently allow everyone to share what they know and reach better decisions.

Old way

  • Meeting to ‘discuss’ (what does that even mean?!)
  • Power given to the highest paid person
  • No clear process – waffling, tangents, circling around unspoken agendas
  • Over preparation of meeting inputs (e.g. slides) / over processing of outputs (typing up minutes).
  • Hard to be truly honest – so lose the power of the truth.

New way

  • Total clarity about outcome of meeting.
  • Power given to the data, including each person’s unique insight.
  • Easy, logical techniques that makes information sharing and decision making up to 5 times faster.
  • Low preparation and no post-write up (LoMo canvases create ready made output).
  • Each person’s true insight is skillfully sought – risk is exposed sooner.